Spring Is In The Air

Hey Shadow fans, it’s me, your favourite magical superstar back on the blog. I do hope all my followers and friends are well and enjoying the brighter mornings. Things in the hutch have got interesting. There has been an infestation of small furry not-rabbit things. Magic Guy says they are Guinea pigs and will be friends for me. Doesn’t he realise I’m busy enough just being fabulous? I have my fan letters to reply to and I have a new thing called Tik Tok, which doesn’t have a clock on it weirdly, but I have been making little videos with Magic Guy for lots of new fans. And they are strange looking pigs, no curly tails at all. And the noise!! They squeak all the time, and I need my beauty sleep, a good 12 to 16 hours a day, which leaves time for napping – well being this awesome is hard work. I’m a bit worried about Magic Guy though. He spends his time doing magic tricks in front of his little computer. I’m not sure the little computer can pick a card, but he’s doing the tricks anyway. Magic Guy calls them Zooming shows, or something like that. He says lots of people around the world can see the magic tricks through his little computer. Well, so long as it keeps him happy.

Now I know that we are all inside and it can get a bit boring, so here’s something fun you can do – Mrs Magic guy has been doing a thing called baking, which seems to involve turning lots stuff that doesn’t taste good on it’s own into stuff that tastes really yummy [well it must do if the amount Magic Guy eats is anything to go by!] Us bunnies don’t eat cake – and of course I have to watch my figure – but you humans seem to enjoy it so maybe you could give it a try. The only thing I don’t understand is that I know that if you mix flour and water you get glue, but flour , water, sugar and eggs seems to make cake – so where does the glue go?

Til next time, bug bunny hugs.


Shadow The Rabbit
The fuzzy sidekick of Scotland’s Magician