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Magic for Weddings, Trade Shows, Parties and Corporate Events.

Making Memories Magical.

Scotland’s Magician

Make your event a night (or day!) to remember with Scotland’s Magician. Scott will add lively, high energy entertainment to your wedding, corporate event, trade show or party, online or in person. Scott is driven by a great enthusiasm for what he does and he loves nothing more than making people laugh. Scott performs close up magic – meaning that the performance really draws people in, making them really feel involved in the show. He looks out for anyone who is shy about talking to others and brings everyone together to break the ice. Scott has worked as a magician for over 20 years at a huge variety of events with a range of audiences. He tailors his magic to suit your event, business, or product.


Adam Davidson – Bo Concept Scotland. 

Adam Davidson has seen me on virtual magic shows, this is what he thought

Online or In Person Magic Shows!

Whether your event is in person or online, Scott can bring the magic. While we are all keen to get back to more face to face events, digital conferences are here to stay. It is a great way to bring people together from all over the world. Zoom calls can get a little stale, but thankfully Scott has built up plenty of experience in running exhilarating digital shows.

Trade Shows

Trade shows, award shows and conferences can all benefit from a Scotland’s Magician show. So how does Scott make your trade show stall stand out? Scott will create a trick routine, which relates to your product as a way to draw in delegates. Conference goers may pass by everyone else’s stall with a look of boredom, but they will be sure to stop at yours!

Better yet, they’ll remember your product/services long after the event has finished, thanks to a little bit of magic.


Scott’s motto is “Making Memories Magical” and weddings are a great opportunity for him to do that. Weddings can be brilliant fun… but let’s face it, whilst the bride and groom are off getting their photos taken, the guests can begin to twiddle their thumbs. A professional magician keeps guests entertained, raises the energy and brings people together, getting them laughing and chatting.

Magical Marketing

When it comes to marketing your business, we all know how important video content has become. But with so much of it out there, how do you make your business’s content stand out? Enter Magical Marketing! For £300 Scott can create a brilliant video using a tailored magic trick to promote your business. This includes the cost of professional video editing from Stoddart Media. Disrupt your customers’ social feed and get your business noticed!

Make Any Moment Magical

“Scott is a master of his craft, and myself and my wife Kerry and our guests all loved the show that he put on. We would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone. Scott’s magic was that good some of my guests were looking to tip him. Overall, me and Kerry were delighted with Scott, and if we have a future party or christening will ask him to be a part again.”

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