Scotland’s Magician and Shadow in the Fast Lane

Hi Shadow, fans! It’s me back on the blog! Well, it’s been another busy weekend for myself and magic guy but we can’t complain. We’ve been meeting lots of lovely people while having a whale of a time. This job certainly does have its perks! Especially, when there’s cake on the go.

Since I have such a busy schedule I suggested to Magic Guy that we get a sports car to get us from A to B quicker which means I would have more time to prep myself in my changing room before gigs instead of having to rush straight on stage. It’s not good for my complexion – I don’t want to go on stage looking all flushed.

It would be handy but to be honest, the real reason I would like a new car is more of a status symbol. A big star like me should have a flash car. I’m one of the only magician’s rabbits in Scotland you know! Almost one of a kind! All the Hollywood celebrities have a sports car and not just the one – and that’s along with their Bentleys and Limos. Oh my! I just have one measly car – how does that make me look? The shame of it! I don’t even ask for much, one sports car would do and it doesn’t even need to be anything too fancy just a Mustang or a Camaro.

Of course, Magic Guy laughed and told me not a chance. I’m not a happy bunny at all. A big star like me should be driving around in style. Hmmm…I’ll need to work my magic on him.

That’s all, for now, folks. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and I’ll speak to you all again soon. Oh and don’t forget to say hello to Magic Guy on his Facebook page.

Big love Shadow xx