Return Of The Shadow

Shadow The Rabbit

Hi Shadow fans. I’m back on the the blog. It’s been a while since I have had time to chat to my fans because I’ve been so busy being a superstar bunny. My stories have been published on the Kindle thing so the boys and girls can read all about my adventures, and I moved house quite recently and you know how traumatic that can be! Now magic guy says we have to stay at home to help everybunny stay safe. Not sure how it helps if my fans can’t see me being fabulous, but magic guy says it’s important. It is quite good though as I get all of magic guy and Mrs magic guy’s attention.

Since I can’t go out and see all my fans, I thought I’d answer some questions that little people ask when we do our magic shows –  really my magic shows, but magic guy gets upset if I say that. I do like it when my old and new fans come and say hello, and they do ask magic guy some interesting questions about their favourite bunny.

Is the hutch outside? – Well I prefer to call it my deluxe penthouse apartment, but I know what they mean. My house is indoors. Magic guy was very kind and gave me a special room in the house for my deluxe penthouse apartment, and I get to come out and sit on the sofa and watch the magic picture box they have before I get tucked up with my bed-time carrot. Last night we watched something called James Bond. It was very noisy, but magic guy seemed very excited.

How old am I ? – Really! A celebrity lady doesn’t give her age. You just need to know that my look is all natural and I haven’t had any work done. Several make up companies would love me to model for them, but I owe it to my fans not to be anything but my beautiful self.

What do I eat? – I am a strict vegetarian. What a healthy bunny needs is lots and lots of hay and lots of nice cool water. I also get some special minty nuggets for my breakfast that are full of vitamins and all the things which keep me sleek and beautiful, and I have carrots and sometimes tasty leaves for supper. I need lots of hard crunchy things to keep my teeth nice and healthy. I do get some treats as well, but I really need to watch my figure, although it’s hard to resist a good corn cob.

Keep coming back for more fascinating information about my fabulous life , and if you have a question you’d like to ask send it to [email protected]   –  I try to reply to everybunny, but it’s difficult to use the computer thing with paws, so it might take a little time. Magic guy helps, but he’s no good with the big words.

Stay safe Shadow fans. I’ll see you soon.

Big hugs