Competition Night

SHadow The Rabbit's First Book

Shadow Joins The Circus _Shadow’s Tales Book 

Hello Everybunny, Shadow here, back on the blog. I’ve been busy writing my stories, but they are all done now and magic guy will be letting you know how to see them. I enjoyed writing them, but magic guy’s friend Andy and Mrs magic guy helped with some spelling and things.



Anyway, last night was very exciting. Magic guy was in a competition to find the UKs Family Entertainer Of The Year. Unfortunately it wasn’t him! But, he was very happy because it was his friend Liam. I like Liam, he was a clever entertainer at a holiday park we went to and made people smile. And now he is doing magic and making loads more people smile.

Got to be honest, don’t know what went wrong! I mean how could my magic guy not win with me being in the team. I played my part brilliantly. Everybody went “ooh” when they saw me and who can blame them.

I’m looking forward to meeting loads of people during our very special Christmas shows. I hope I meet you there.

Until then. Have fun and make your days magical, like me and magic guy.

  Bunny Hugs, Shadow