Happy New Year EveryBunny

Hello. It’s me, I’m back. Shadow is here to say Happy New Year. I’ve been very busy these last few weeks, with my driver, Magic Guy, helping me to lots and lots of different places. We went to Alloa and Stirling and Perth and Dundee and lots of places. I really liked that most of the people had seen me before and really wanted to see me again! Although, Magic Guy says it’s because of his clever tricks, but he always thinks that. I know it’s because they want to see the Christmas Bunny again. We’re having a few days off just now before we are back on the road to see my adoring fans. Personal appearances are now available in 2017, you get Magic Guy as my support act as well, so it’s very good value. Just call magic guy on 07747 078661 and he will see if we can fit you in.

OK time to chill, going to watch Sherlock again, that Benedict guy is dreamy…

Big bunny hugs,

Shadow xx