End Of An Entertainment Era

Shadow The Rabbit

Shadow The Rabbit

************BREAKING NEWS***********


Press release not to be used before 1st June 2021

Hello Shadow fans. I’m a little bit down today, because I have some tragic news for my adoring followers. I have to announce that it is time for me, Shadow, to announce my retirement from international superstardom. I have had a fantastic time partnering with magic guy and helping his career take off. I’m sure he appreciates all I’ve done for him so much – the motivational chats, the pep talks, the vision for the future, and of course letting him think he was the popular one!

Don’t be too upset though  –  I will still be here in my deluxe penthouse accommodation keeping a paw on the pulse. I’ll still pop up here on the blog too – just to let you know how my retirement is going, and I’ll still answer any fan mail… email me at [email protected]

And there is more good news –  I couldn’t leave magic guy flying solo, so I have scoured the circuit for the latest up and coming bunny to continue in my role. I’m sure he will be nearly as fabulous as me – well almost, well, he’ll do his best to be as popular as me, oh who am I kidding, that’s a bit ambitious. You can look forward to magic guy doing a special introduction very soon.

Magic guy is putting on a very brave face but obviously he’ll be terribly upset over the end of our partnership, so send him wee messages to cheer him up. The memories of the fun times we have had working together will cheer him up. Great memories of my carrot sticks after leaving the stage to the tumultuous applause I so deserved- the meet and greet with my fans after the shows, and my favourite tunes in the car on the way home. Never did get my sports car though!

Take care everybunny



Shadow Goes To The Beach

The cover of Shadow’s second book.